Yule Nights Workbook - An inward Spiritual Journey in 12 nights

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Embark on an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery with the captivating Yule Nights Workbook. Over the course of 12 magical nights, unravel the mysteries of the "time between time" and unlock glimpses of what the year holds. Recall the days of yore, when people measured time by the moon's wax and wane, rather than months slipping through fingers. As a perfectly crafted tool, this workbook ensures each night aligns with a particular month. Engage in dreamwork, select a tarot card for each night representing the months ahead, and purify your sacred space using the transformative power of incense. Unearth your dreams and record them faithfully, allowing your aspirations and visions to guide you into a harmonized new year. May this enchanting workbook lead you on a path of introspection, inspiration, and recalibration.

A5 softcover book

176 pages

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